Full Range of Home Improvement Services from Klopp Construction

At Klopp Construction Ltd., we take on a wide variety of home improvement projects. We understand the kind of investment you put into your home, and that’s why we provide a full range of renovation, addition and construction services to fit your unique needs.

Our main services include, but are not limited to:

  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Turn key additions
  • Adding upper storeys
  • Window and door replacements
  • Roof line changes
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Basement finishing
  • Sundecks and deck building or re-builds
  • Entrance way changes
  • Handicap ramps
  • Various home repairs

What to Expect from Our Home Improvement Services


From the first meeting, Rick gives you an honest assessment of what you’re thinking of doing and will work out a detailed, well thought out estimate that will be reasonably accurate as to what the cost will be. Rick will direct you to reputable professionals should you need a drawing, design or engineering to proceed. Or he can work with the design of a draftsman or architect of your choice.

Rick won’t suggest or quote a price that is far below reality. That’s not fair. He appreciates that your time and energy is valuable to you. The cost of materials can vary widely so Rick will choose a middle price on, for example, flooring and put that into the estimate as an allowance. If the customer’s choice is more expensive, they will be charged for that.

Rick outlines exactly what work and materials will be provided in the written quotation. He will then meet with the client to completely explain the quotation to them, and if the client is agreeable, it will be signed as a binding agreement. Rick will be able to provide a schedule as to when the work will start, and then executes the work as promised, keeping the client's home as clean and tidy as possible. Everyone working under Rick is required to treat his client’s home with care and Rick is careful to keep the house as secure and as safe as possible for all household members. Most of his customers remain in their homes while work proceeds.

Maximizing Your Home’s Potential

Rick is very practical in his knowledge of how a homeowner might maximize the potential for an addition on a house. He recommends that you consult him even before you have a drawing made up as he can provide guidance and knowledge as to what may be the most economical way to keep costs down before you undertake the expense of hiring a draftsman or designer.

With the recent trend of demolishing older homes and building new, homeowners should be aware that the regulations are different when renovating or adding onto an existing building, and older homes are usually well built structurally. If not, that will become part of the renovation. An addition (or renovation), while completely or partially modernizing a home, can be a way of creating some privacy, preserving outdoor space and mature trees on a property, so that you have a yard to enjoy if that is one of your goals.

Why Think about an Addition?

Existing homes can be left in place to add on to. As long as you have some outside walls of the original building, you may not need to centrally re-site the home or necessarily conform to the perimeter setbacks of new building regulations. Added floor space allowed will be dictated by your municipal by-laws and will depend on lot coverage and percentage of floor space permitted in a home proportional to the size of the property. In many ways, putting an addition on your home can give you more choices as to how you wish the building to be situated on your lot. In established neighbourhoods with mature trees, neighbours are generally more receptive to an addition or renovation to a home, rather than the building of a large, imposing new home that doesn’t allow for any greenery and looms over their yards, robbing them of sunlight and privacy. If you love your property and area, don’t list it, and get exactly what you want by renovating it to suit your needs! A move may cost you even more money, time and energy.

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