Klopp Construction’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Since 1979 and over 30 years under Rick Klopp’s name. We have many clients who have hired us several times. We can provide many references.

Q: Does Klopp Construction carry liability insurance, pay WorkSafeBC, and hold a valid business license?

A: Yes. We carry a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy and make sure all our sub-trades and employees are covered by WorkSafeBC and have the appropriate licenses. Klopp Construction will not perform work without the proper license for the municipality in which the work is to take place.

Q: Does Klopp Construction recommend building permits?

A: Major changes to a home that go beyond ‘repairs’ require building permits, and we would advise the homeowner of this and how to go about getting one.

Q: Do inspections take place on Klopp Construction jobsites?

A: If a building permit has been acquired for the work to be done, then all inspections will be called for as the municipality requires before work proceeds to the next stage. Rick also makes sure that all the sub-trades have called for their appropriate inspections.

Q: Do you work south of the Fraser River?

A: No. We work strictly in the Tri-Cities area, sometimes out in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, so if there is a need for a follow up visit to a client we can attend to deficiencies or a warranty issue and provide service promptly.

Q: Do you do new home construction?

A: No. We only do additions and home renovations because they are very specialized and with the training that Rick has acquired and the challenges that renovations involve, this is the part of the construction trade that we concentrate on. Rick designed and built his own home, complete with custom cabinets and furniture he’s made, which is his hobby when he has time. He has built new homes in his very distant past.

Q: Who have your customers been?

A: 90% of our customers have been homeowners from all walks of life – professionals, tech people, and senior citizens to name a few. We have done a few commercial renovations. We have also worked for some non-profit societies involving work at group homes, which required some special considerations to accommodate the residents, and did a project at an animal rescue organization.

Q: Who are your sub-trades people?

A: Most of our ticketed, highly skilled, highly trusted sub-trades such as tile setter, electrician, and plumbers have worked for us for over 10 years. Because Rick communicates with them well ahead of when he needs them, delays on his job sites are very rare. He aims to inconvenience his client as little as possible and keeps the project moving as efficiently as possible.

Q: What happens if I have a concern, minor addition, or minor change while the project is in progress?

A: Not a problem. As soon as Rick is made aware of it, he will work out a solution.

Q: What happens if I want to make a major change during construction?

A: We strive to not let that happen and can’t remember it ever happening. We never aggressively pursue our customers to sign up until they are sure they want to hire us and are completely ready to proceed. We are available to answer questions, for the client to put forward their ideas to, and to advise them of people who can help in terms of choosing fixtures for plumbing and designs and materials for kitchens. All the clients’ decisions are made prior to the signing of the detailed quotation. Klopp Construction will perform the work with the design and products of the clients’ choosing.

Q: Does Klopp Construction recommend certain suppliers?

A: We do. Our recommendation of suppliers and their salespeople comes from our personal history of doing business with them, our confidence in their products and service, and our former customers’ satisfaction. We want our clients to receive good advice and a fair price for a quality product. That being said, clients are free to shop around and acquire products suited to their preference.

Q: How long has Rick been a general contractor?

A: Since 1979. Rick and another fellow started their own company of which Rick became the sole owner two years later. His company name has always been Klopp Construction. Our name is unique and our clients can always find us if they need to.

Q: How many apprentices does Rick sponsor?

A: Usually only one, but if we have a large enough job, sometimes two. Only so many people can fit in a bathroom! Rick feels it is very important to train young people, giving his apprentice all kinds of experience, which is variable on a renovations project. Rick is recognized as a highly skilled carpenter and contractor, and has been accepted by British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to sponsor several apprentices over the past 30 years. He hopes to see his current 4th year apprentice, Travis, attain his Red Seal Journeyman’s ticket in early 2016. Being in the renovations business means Rick is constantly learning of new policies and new products, and also of changes in the way certain things are done. Sponsoring an apprentice helps keep Rick current with the most up to date building policies.

Q: Is Klopp Construction a member of the BBB?

A: No. We have preferred to remain completely independent. Generally, it may cost to be a member. We are then not obligated to anyone else, but our clients. Any costs of running our business would have to be passed on to our customers, and we do what we can to be competitive. We think our business history and long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself. If you look around, these days it’s hard to find many businesses that put their personal name in their company’s title. For Rick, it is personal, and his reputation as a skilled contractor and fair businessman is extremely important to him.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: We stand behind our work, and all our sub-trades stand behind their work. We will work on the clients’ behalf for any deficiencies or product breakdowns and make sure warranties are all executed. While the standard warranty is two years, as long as Rick is the owner of Klopp Construction, all issues will be attended to.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Klopp Construction Ltd. in Coquitlam today. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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